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A little over a month ago on my way home I noticed a house on the corner that had a sign attached to the front yard fence, it simply read “Free Stuff”. “Hmmmh” Is what I said to myself as I coasted by the sign. What does that mean? Are they telling me they have free stuff to give or share? Are they telling me there is free stuff ‘out there’ in the world, sorta like a Public Service Announcement? Are they trying to lure me and other curious people inside with promises of free stuff? What is their free stuff?! Is it like ‘free hugs’ or ‘free air inside’? If that’s the case I have loads of free stuff too!

I needed more information but I was too chicken to go knocking on someone’s door to inquire about such a vague sign. About a week later I had my answer when I drove by and saw a bunch of crap laying on the wet ground underneath the sign. “Oh, I see it’s just a bunch of shit…no wonder it’s free” I muttered as I drove by. I carried on and quickly forgot about the house and their ‘free stuff’. A couple weeks ago I was driving by again (it’s on my way home, I see this house a lot). The junk underneath the sign had been cleared out, but on the bottom of the sign the following had been added “Please do not leave <u>YOUR</u> stuff here.” It made me smile. The thought that someone saw the sign and unsure about it’s message (just as I was) took the initiative to gather up the stuff they didn’t want and put it under the sign. Genius. I wish I had thought of that because I have some free stuff aka ‘Trash’ that I need to get rid of.

Last night I noticed the house appeared to be vacant but the glorious sign still remains. I know the title of this post had to do with the ‘clarification’ of free stuff but in writing it, I just realized I never did find out what their free stuff was! What if it was something cool like pinball machines or a service like a free pedicure? I could use both. Now I’ll never know. Let this be a warning to you all to never pass up a free stuff sign, you might end up with a box of oranges or an adding machine! Awesome!

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  1. mego said,

    October 3, 2008 @ 7:28 am

    bro, i totally know where this house it is (by joy’s).. and i’ve got there the Exact mental process as you. i laughed when it said ‘don’t leave your stuff here’- good to know!

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