Art Museum and pool cues

Walking into an art museum I was immediately overcome by the wonderful works of art and sculptures. I walked slowly as I admired the brush strokes and exquisite detail captured on the canvas. The museum was crowded, but not enough to obscure proper viewing. I was surprised to walk into a different room and find a large crowd gathered in the middle. The crowd moved and grew like a pot ready to boil over. People with pool cues began running around the outside of the room, circling the crowd. The curator frantically tried to calm the pool cue toting people down, but they pushed him out of the way. I watched curiously until one of the thugs lifted two pool cues and struck me on the shoulder. It was at that moment I went from curious spectator to fully involved participant. Without a second thought I burst forward with a punch that would make Mike Tyson squeal. The jerk fell flat on his back and all the other pool cue punks looked up and quickly left the museum. I stayed to help the curator rough up an old, drunk biker dude that didn’t understand the museum was no place to act like this.

And then I woke up, trying to make sense of it all….

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  1. mego said,

    July 29, 2009 @ 2:49 pm

    you had me going there for a minute.. too much heat and krav.

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