Thanks to all my cheerleaders

In regards to my last post I am just 3 weeks shy of entering the dragon.

The dragon is Phase A training in L.A. for a week. I’ve hinted to this before in my blog or if you’ve met me in person you have probably heard me talk about it. Basically it is 7 day instructor training for students of Krav Maga. By getting through the training you are then certified to teach just the first level stuff of Krav. If you decided you wanted to teach higher levels you would be required to go back and go through another week of intense training. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘that doesn’t sound so bad, who wouldn’t want to go to L.A. in mid-October and soak up some rays while training in the sport they love?’. There is some truth to that, but unfortunately there will be no soaking of rays. The week is meant to be grueling and tough, just like everything else in Krav. Eight hours a day of non-stop sweating is how I would sum it up.

A day before my last post I was full of confusion and worry. I had been gearing up mentally and physically to get ready for L.A. when my instructor gave me all the details and said “you will probably get through it”. Even though my instructor is not one to give compliments it totally deflated me to hear him seem unsure about my level of conditioning. The next day I was a bit mopey and confused. I didn’t know if I should wait another three months to go through the training or roll the dice and go in October. I was confused until my sister gave me a call and verbally slapped me around like a pimp on a ho.

Brrrrrinnngggg brrriinnnggg

Me: Hello?
Sis: Hey what’s going on?
Me: Not much just Small talk small talk small talk weather, small talk
Sis: Oh cool, well what else is going on?
Me: Oh I’m just sitting here trying to figure out if I’m going to go down to L.A. in October or not.
Sis: What’s to figure out? I thought you were going?!
Me: Yeah but my instructor said this and that (see above paragraphs) and now I don’t know. I mean I know I’ve had a few brews and bbq’s this summer but I didn’t think I was that fat and out of shape…
Sis: What is all the drama?! You’re going.
Me: I am?
Sis: Yes, here is why. You’ve always been one that works well under pressure. So now you’ve got a month to get it all in gear, that’s plenty of time to up your conditioning to the next level. You’re going to work out 6 days week; several hours a day and Sunday will be your day to rest and soak in the tub because you’re going to need it. I’ll even bring over the Epsom Salts.
Me: Oh, ok if you think so…
Sis: Yup, that’s what you’re going to do and then you’re going to go down the L.A. kick some ass and be done with all of this!
Me: Well that would be nice, but I —
Sis: No buts, you’re doing it.

After that conversation the decision was made for me, there was no turning back as my sister wasn’t going to have any of it! Since my last post I have really turned the working out dial to ‘11’. If I am not at the Krav gym for 2-4 hours working out I am at home running stairs, doing pushups and the like. On Saturday morning I worked out for 2 hours kickboxing and taking a Krav class. After the classes a fellow Kraver and I went to the local grade school and I showed him my routine on the stairs. Up and down pushups, dips, pull-ups…up and down again. I try to make it nasty and interesting because when I’m by myself I have no one else to push me. After the workout my friend said that I was ‘nuts’ and that made me happy. I need to be if I’m going to get through L.A.

My brother-in law’s ears perked up when he heard I was in training for the big day. He told me, “You need to get your lungs in order”. Then he graciously offered to take me and Phil up to Mt. Tabor and show us how a man trains for an event. Even though he’s 2 to 3 times my age I knew it was going to be hard. That’s because my bro in law likes anything that is hard. Guns, guitars, hills, getting up early…etc.  Seven minutes into the first hill my legs were burning so bad I thought I was going to have to stop. I pushed on and kept my legs moving. They did and I was able to keep going. Once we reached the grueling stairs I caught a 2nd wind and moved to the front. I took a rest at what I thought was the top only to find out I was only ¾ of the way there. It didn’t matter too much as the stairs proved to be Phil’s waterloo and I had a few seconds to rest. In the end both Phil and I got through it, although I thought Phil’s head was going to pop off judging by the redness of his face.  

Today my legs are a little sore but they’re not used to running 2.5 miles in a row, I actually don’t feel too bad. I am pleased by this. Not once on Sunday did my lungs give out or did I completely gas out even though we were conquering hills and plenty o’ stairs. This is encouraging. Part of me is still nervous as to what awaits me down in L.A. knowing that I have never been through anything like that, but I can rest knowing I’m doing just about as good as I can here. My love handles are disappearing faster than ice cream in Phil’s house, and that is a good thing.

Thanks to all my cheerleaders for cheering me on!

KT used some voodoo reverse psychology on me to fire me up and motivate me to kick some ass.
SH said “Are we ever really ready for anything. The point is you just have to go for it”
HES said “Please don’t get hurt!”


  1. normaljean said,

    September 24, 2009 @ 1:18 pm

    If anyone can do it, Micah, YOU can! You are one of the most athletically driven and musically talented people i know. And i know you’re totally going to kick their krav asses. :D And even if you are gone for my birthday (which is kinda sounds like you will be..) it’s totally ok. ;) I want you to succeed and i know you will!

    Two Four Six Eight Who Do We Appreciate?! Micah!! Wooohooo!!!

  2. mego said,

    September 25, 2009 @ 12:17 pm

    wow!!! sounds like you have an awesome sister!!!- maybe you should come over and we can have a running race to build up your lungs.

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