Books This year

This year I read more books than I ever have in the same time period. Pretty much the only reason why is b/c I now have a steady job with 1hr worth of breaks a day. There’s only so much newspaper you can read, and I usually don’t feel like making small talk with strange co-workers so my only other option besides sleep was to read. As you can see from the list, I generally read books that challenge my thought/believes about life, religion, philosophy…etc. These are in no particular order, most had at least some value that could be weened from them, and some were stellar standouts.

1. Power vs Force
2. Feelings buried alive never die
3. The Tipping Point
4. Atlas Shrugged—–Freaking awesome book great great writing.
5. 1984—-this book made me feel like the walls were closing in on me, it was good but when I read it I couldn’t breathe.
6. The Truth of Reformation
7. Lost Christianites
8. The Biography of Satan
9. You Take Jesus I’ll Take God
10. Vital Signs of Christ’s Return
11. What the Rabbis Know about The Messiah
12. The Magic of Believing
13. The Trinity
14. Getting Thru To Your Emotions w/EFT
15. The Abs Diet
16. The No-Grain Diet
17. The God Code
18. The Isaiah Effect
19. The Davinci Code
20. The Babylonian Connection
21. The Mythemaker

22. Bringing Down the house—–About a bunch of MIT students that took Vegas for Millions - really awesome.
24. Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye
25. The Power of Intention
26. Blink
27. The Afterlife Experiements
28. As a Man Thinketh
29. God Without Religion
30. Connecting to God
31. Getting in the Gap

And I’m still going strong, reading now onto some more mind blowing stuff.

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