Mitch Hedburg

One of my favorite discoveries of this year was brought about from TJ’s suggestion. One night at Best Buy he convinced Karin to buy an album by a comdedian named Mitch Hedburg. That night I wasn’t in the mood at all to listen to stand up, but I’m sooo very glad I did. Since then I have laughed my ass clean off a number of times! Oh it’s off, come over and take a look. Mitch has such a weird and different style, in fact at times it’s very choppy. He seems very shy on stage, and he talks as if he just learned the english language a week ago, most of his jokes are one-liners, but sometimes he follows a theme. Either way I really enjoy his stuff and think everyone should check it out. Here’s a link to his cd. The crazy thing is for $13 you get an audio CD and a DVD filled with stuff. The DVD has different jokes and routines on it. After I got this album I was all ramped up and started to look for more of his stuff, so you can imagine my extreme disappointment when I learned that he’s dead! :( :( He died last year of heart failure in his hotel room! It sucks b/c he was really an up and coming comedian. He has another album that I haven’t heard, but according to TJ the DVD has most of the same jokes.

I uploaded a few minutes of his routine for your enjoyment. Please check it out.
Disclaimer: There are a few choice words, but nothing too bad.

You can listen to it here, by clicking the words that you are reading right now, yes now. Now!

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