Summin’ It Up

Here we are at year’s end. I thought I should do a little summary for all three of you. It was a good year overall. My niece continued to grow, my sister got pregnant again. I still have a job and a few friends. Overall I usually see the positive side of things so that’s why I’m going to start with the negatives.

Sad Things This Year:

My Grandmother died. The enourmous loss of life this year, with the Tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes, war. This really saddened me alot, for many reasons. It’s sad to see people suffering, and to have whole families wiped out, but I’m also sad b/c much of it still feels so distant. I think I should be more affected than I am or was. Here I sit in a warm house worrying about my bills or if so-and-so is happy or sad w/me and across the world hundreds of thousands people die in the tsunami. I have to say that I’m also perturbed about the hurricanes in the U.S. Yes they were bad, and yes people died and it was handled so poorly, but I hate how people try to compare it to the same level as the other disasters!! The “official” death toll is around 2,000 (I’ve been researching this and there seems to be some debate as to the actual numbers) but the Pakistan quake killed 80,000 people and left over 3 million homeless! These numbers are mind blowing! That’s 4 times as many people that live in Milwaukie. What also makes me sad this year is that our presidant is a douche bag, and seems to care for nothing more than money, power and control. I’m also sad that Arrested Development is getting cancelled. I don’t have an Xbox 360 in my hands yet :) :(

Happy Things This Year:

I got a new car! Now I don’t have to watch the weather and feel scared when I go to work. All my friend are healthy, I got to know some better this year. I’m happy that Nick was able to go to Berklee School of Music. I’m happy that I’m alive after driving 115 mph in Phil’s WRX, passing semi’s around corners on the way to Prosser. I’m happy with all the good times I seem to have, there’s just too many to list.

A few prominent things:

If you own an Xbox and have Xbox Live, there should be no question that you have and play Halo2 online. For me it quite simply is the best game that I keep coming back to. I don’t know what it is about that game that is so dang addicting, well I guess I have a clue. I think the graphics are great, the controls feel just right, there’s a huge variety of online play, and the ranking system makes you try much harder than you normally would. I really enjoy playing against other human players, and trash talking or forming awesome teams that cream everyone. Dave and I played last night for hours, and it never got old to me.

I’d say my favorite album of the year would have to be Coheed and Cambria’s Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV. I loved their second album that came out last year, so I never expected this one to top that! But I think it has by a long shot. The way the songs all fit together, and nearly every song is so very catchy. It’s addicting to listen to, I always find myself singing along as loud and fierce as I can. I just wish everyone would stop classifying them as EMO, they’re pretty much rock/progressive rock. Really solid stuff.

A close second to Coheed and Cambria would definately have to be System of a Down’s Mesmerize and Hypnotize. I used to think they were psycho and I’d not even give them a listen, but I’ve since changed my ways and I enjoy their politically charged songs. I think they have alot to say, and even though their music is hard-driving, heavy angry sounding, according to their bio’s and website, they are against violence and seem to genuinely want mankind to better themselves. If you’re only going to get one, I’d say stick with Mesmerize, I like it better than Hypnotize.

The surprise album of the year was by a little known 60’s group called Zephyr. They’re real cool with some great guitar playing and good ol’ bluesy rock and roll.

I hope you all have a great new year and don’t get too poo-faced, and remember to think of all the firsts you’ll be experiencing tomorrow, just don’t let it get out of control. As a kid I think I had slight OCD when it came to the New Year turning over. Right before midnight I’d say, “Here’s my last breath of ‘86″, then when the clocked switched I’d say, “Here’s my first breath of ‘87″. It’s fine to stop there, but I’d continue this for nearly a week, “here’s my first poo” - “here’s my first nap” - “here’s the first time I’m drinking water” - “here’s the 1st time this year I’m petting the cat” and on and on and on, with every little thing you can think of, it was crazy. I think I’m done with that now……for this year.

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