Final Measurements

After the last post we took our final pictures and measured our shrunken bodies for the last time. To say the results were phenomenal would be an understatement! Both HES and I were surprised at just how much we lost, not on the scale by around our bodies.

I am down 15lbs which is nice but somehow I lost a total of 17.75 inches off of my body! This includes 4.75″ from my waist, 3.5″ from the hips and 2″ from my moobs aka chest. I wasn’t the only one that lost big. HES lost 10lbs and 11″ from her body in the six-week challenge. This includes 3″ off of her waist and 1.75″ from the hips! Neither of us can get over just how skinny we feel in the midsection.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I still feel like there is plenty more to lose! We talked about it and decided that we are going to stay fairly hardcore for another 4 weeks until HES’s 30th bday and hopefully we’ll have even better results by that time. Even after the birthday we will continue to eat better but allow a few more acceptable things into our diet.

For the past week I haven’t lost any weight but for the first time today I had to pull my belt to the 5th and innermost loop to keep my pants on.  This belt has seen me go from the outermost loop to the innermost. I love it. What a change in such a short time! Six weeks is nothing!

We’re hoping that one of us will make it into the finals to have a chance to ‘win’ the competition, but honestly I think the two of us feel like we’ve already won.

Before and After Pics Coming!


  1. Anthony B said,

    August 25, 2012 @ 6:31 pm

    yeah, Love it all baby
    Wow, i just realized that it has literallyl been forever since I have been here..
    Please forgive this utter failure sonny…

  2. Anthony said,

    August 25, 2012 @ 6:35 pm

    Okay so I am commenting again but this time I don’t actually have anything amazing to say whatsoever.
    I am simply plugging in my Apple headphones into my iPhone and simply talking because there is a mike that is built into them so I’m just sitting here are we making small talk with all the little children of the forest..
    I’m not sure that I have anything else to say at the moment so maybe I will just sit here and think of a funny story possibly..
    Man oh man, I really cannot think of anything amazing to say so I might just have to say that this is quite a terrifying experience sitting here basically talking to myself at the moment LOL

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