No Water

I don’t know if it was the cold weather or shoddy workmanship, but the warehouse next door to us had a main water pipe break yesterday. Talk about inconvience! We had no running water! I heard they had 5 inches of standing water in their warehouse and offices….LUCKY! We didn’t get the benefits of puddles, just not toilet usage. To accomodate, the property manager had a port-o-potty delivered to our parking lot, it’s too bad it wasn’t a honey bucket, I heard those are the shit! Pun totally intended!
Anyways you should see what no running water and the prospect of using a porta pooper does to the nice ladies in the office. I haven’t heard that much bitching since the elections. Although I have to admit the idea of sitting my fanny down on a cold dirty seat in the middle of a parking lot, while wearing a dress (if i was a chick) doesn’t strike me as fun. And what is the deal with looking down the into the nasty blue bottom?! Everytime I walk in one of those I do my damndest to not look, but some weird-ass morbid curiousity always makes me sneak a peek, and then I feel all gross and icky, and subconciously my feet start to slip and I think that for a moment I’m going to lose my footing and fall in face first. I hate that. Don’t you? Also I think those things are delivered with poop and toilet paper already in them to make you feel at home. I’ve gone in one soon after being delivered, and it already looked quite used, curious indeed.

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