No Brakes!

Before this week the weather in PDX had been quite accomodating for motorcycle riders. But last weekend as the rain started to roll in I decided to take the ol’ Buick out for a spin to Fred Meyer. The not so funny thing was as I got to the end of the street my brake pedal went all the way to the floor and felt like it wasn’t going to stop the car. At first I thought it was my imagination since my brake pedal usually goes down really far before you get that resistance feeling. This may seem crazy, but it has effectively made my car undrivable by the average person. My gas pedal has a really tight spring, making it very difficult to push down without executing 85-90% of your quadracept muscle. Annoying yes, but a great way to “blast your quad” while driving down the road. On the flip side the brake pedal has little or no resistance causing it to go down with the slightest pressure. Two different friends of mine have successfully bashed my head into the dashboard while trying to park my car since their foot forgets the difference between the two pedals.

Nevertheless, I was unsure if it was my imagination playing tricks on me, so I barreled down the road to really see if the brakes worked or not. When I hit the brakes it reminded me of an old cartoon where the character has a wooden block he presses against the spinning wheel to slow the car down. This felt like that, but with a jellyfish instead of a wooden block, in a word…..mushy. The ride home was interesting since I basically accelerated and coasted using as little brake as possible. Now that’s a challenge I suggest you try sometime when you’re coming home at 2am from tom-catting around (what’s the female version of tom-catting? Prowling? Pus–nevermind).

I took my car down to Wrench’s right by my house. I listed all the things that were wrong with it, but especially pulled his attention to the brakes. I was assuming it’d be at least $300 b/c that’s the price he quoted months ago to do a full brake job. $300 would’ve been a dream. Instead he called me last night and said they have to replace the rotors, drums, brake cylinders…etc..etc, basically a whole lotta sh*t, and it was going to cost $830!! most of that being the price of the parts!! I was really bummed last night and so I got to thinking that something had to change. I’ve been meaning to sell my cycle in order to buy a cheap car, but it needs work and I sure won’t be able to sell it for a good price in the winter. I started looking at loans through my credit union and they have pretty good rates and honestly its way more affordable than I thought, even with my peanut wage. That $830 could easily have been 4 months of car payments! So now I’m on the lookout for a new-to-me-used-car. I will keep you posted on my findings. Oh, and the good news is, my car was finished tonight and it only cost me $801! Whewwwweee! That $29 was going to break me, but now I can eat like a king! Steaks are on me!

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