LAN Party

After months of half-ass planning me and my buds finally had a LAN party over at Phil’s house. This one was set to be a doosie since we had people coming that never come. The core group is always: Me, Phil, Andy, and Randy but this time we were able to add on: Ryan (able to escape from the wife for 12 hours), Jake F., Jake H., Dave, Ben, and Adrian. It was set to be a great time, that is if we could ever get everyone up and running. As always multiple people had problems networking, getting games loaded, or any number of things. It seems that with the number or people attending the number grow exponetially. We were pegged to start at 1pm, but I don’t think everthing was really running smoothly until after 4pm! That sucked, and Dave was the one helping people’s computers see the network, so he didn’t get much play time in since he had to leave at 6pm for a “DATE”!

Once we got things running it was pretty darn fun, and we had a good time killing eachother with machine guns from Vietnam, Futuristic weapons from UT2k4, and lightsabers galore with Jedi Knight. My plan was to get gamin’ early in the day so I wouldn’t stay out all night, but that didn’t happen as I still stayed until 1am. By that time Karin was in a big hurry to go so she could sleep, and I was dang tired too. The other cool thing was that we were planning on getting a 1/4 keg for the party, well the keg place screwed up and gave us a FULL kege for the same price as the 1/4, sooooo needless to say we had alot to drink. Jake H. made the biggest dent in the beer and in turn stumbled around the most on and off of the computer playing field. One week later there is still a half-a-keg left and open to anyone that wants some (see: Jake H), also for all that were there, they finally got rid of all the foam so it’s just pure beer flowing into your plastic cups. Phil gave awards to all the gamers that were there, but of course he purposefully forgot me, so I will award myself. “Most consistent” or “Most friendly fire” since I shot poor Randy out of the sky three times in a row thinking he was an enemy jet getting too close…he was pizzed. The awards go to:

Shortest Time and having a life award - Dave

Most tipped over chairs - Guitar Jake

Obviously been practicing UT - Other Jake

Comeback kid - Randy, for avoiding a computer meltdown

Helped me carry in the keg - Ben

Only girl that will touch me - Karin

Stayed the longest - Andy, he just left

Suprise Guest - Adrian

Host with the most - Phil

Probably in trouble with the wife - Ryan

Somone I forgot - ….

Crazy good time, oh and join us next time and we can givePDX LAN a run for it’s money!

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