Xbox 360 woes

So unless your head has been in a hole for the last week you may have heard something about the xbox360 being released. Well like a dumbass I didn’t preorder one (which may or may not have matter anyways) b/c I wasn’t interested in getting one right away, but when I saw some of the videos for PGR3 I was mesmerized. So I set out to get one on launch day. I figured I had waited out for the first xbox, I could do it for this one. The Sunday before it came out I went around to all the places that would have one and asked them detailed info as to how many they were getting of each, what time they were opening…etc. I wrote it all down and figured my best places would be Fred Meyer, Kmart, Sears, and may walmart. I knew Best Buy would have the most, but I also figured they’d have the biggest line. So everything was all happy shmappy in my head until the night before launch day. I quickly became aware of my foolish thinking when Phil and I happened to roll by Best Buy and there was already a line of about 30 people at 7:30 at night! Best Buy did not even open until 9am! My general feeling was “oh crap” but I still wasn’t too worried b/c I figured I had some reeeeal sleepers. Phil and I went by Fred Meyer at 8pm and there was already a line of 6 people! And Freddies was only getting 10 boxes! So Karin said we should go get inline at one of the places, but I just wasn’t prepared to stay up all night, and sit in the biting cold. 4 years ago when I got the original Xbox I got up at 2am to go to Fry’s and get one, when me and two other friends showed up there was only two people in line! So I was way surprised to see people lining up the night before. Nevertheless I stuck to my guns and decided that we (me, phil, and karin) should get up at 5am and head over to Kmart. The night before, Phil and I talked to them and they said they were getting all Premium systems in, but wouldn’t tell us how many. So fast forward to 5am and we all three put our eskimo clothes on and speed over to Kmart, to my complete delight there is no line! We scurry to the door and I am elated b/c we are officially first in line. About 10 minutes later two middle-age men roll up and ask if this is the line for the 360, we reply and they plop their butts down. All three of us bundle up and stay close to stay warm, as time passes more and more Kmart employees show up, wondering why there are these crazy people sitting in front of the Kmart at 6am. At about 6:45 one of the employees talks to us to see why we’re there, we tell her and she says, “oh, well let me check to make sure we have those” about a half an hour later she comes back to the front door with a sign that says, “Sorry, we do not have any Xboxes yet”. UNFRICKIN’ believable. We were there the night before and talked to the electronics guy that said there were getting the systems in, they had all the accessories up, but no machines. So the three of us tear over to Sears which was plan B as they only had 4 Xboxes. I was once again the 1st in line before two more guys showed up. One of them happened to get the manager out there and the manager said that they did not receive the 4 xboxes they were supposed to, so we were SOL. grrr.

So the two places that we were first in line for, didn’t receive the shipment. As it turns out, I called Kmart that night and they said that they were not going to be receiving any 360’s….at all. If I was crazy I could’ve gotten one, but I didn’t feel like waiting outside for 12 hours, plus even if I would’ve gotten one I probably wouldn’t be playing it now b/c I would’ve ended up selling it on Ebay for some serious profit. Let me remind you, these only cost $400, what is with the crazees that pay even $1300?! They can’t wait a few weeks? I’m seriously considering waiting in line all night for the PS3 if there is the same potential to earn that kind of money!
All is not lost as supposedly Microsoft will be replenishing supplies every week, that remains to be seen, but here’s for hoping. And here’s a pic of us in front of Kmart at 5:15 am, the ghetto booty in the background is phil’s.

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