Great Scott! It’s an Anniversary!

Put on your time suits and listen up! Today is a historic day for our planet. It was exactly 50 years ago today (November 5th, 1955) that Dr. Emmitt Brown slipped and hit his head, resulting in a vision of what would make time travel possible. The Flux Capacitor. I know, HEAVY! Also we must remember that it was on this day that Marty Mcfly first went back in time, bumped into his parents and nearly threw the whole universe into a cosmic spin. Fortunately with a little intermixing of sci-fi and some good ol’ rock and roll catastrophy was avoided. I think we are all thankful for that. But let us remember to be thankful for Dr. Brown’s invention, b/c honestly where would we be without it. Although the Flux Capacitor is a powerful tool for time travel it is very
fragile, prone to stop working at the worst times. Read this article and I think you will agree with me. Coupled with a Delorean and Plutonium, Doc Brown really put his time travel experiment in a precarious position for failure, it’s amazing it ever worked. But it did and we have him to thank for the acceleration of the first skateboard, Chuck Berry hearing Johnny B. Goode before he even wrote it and successfully severing any ties between us and the Libyans. There’s also this business of the gigawatt. As Doc Brown pronounces it “jiggawatt”. I thought nothing of it as a kid, but fast foward 20 years and me thinks that he says it wrong since we don’t say, “I have 1 jiggabyte of RAM” or, “I have a 3.2 jiggahertz processor”. It turns out I was wrong in my assumption, kinda. According to this is how you say gigabyte or gigahertz and of course the famous 1.21 gigawatts!. (Hit the little speaker next to the word to hear it said) The alternate way to say it is with a soft “g” as in “giggle” but the *right* way is a “j” as in “jiggle”. This is all so heavy.

Here’s a pic of a flux capacitor actually doing what it’s supposed to…….fluxing!

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    Micah… you are my density. ;)

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