Birthday Goodness

Yesterday was a pretty darn mellow bday. Even though I had decided to take the day off I got up at the normal time I do
for work. I know, a little crazy, but to me there’s nothing better than getting up early, staying up for an hour then going
back to bed. It’s like when you were in High School and you’d get up to get ready but find out that it was snowing, so you’d
sit by the TV or radio just waiting to hear that your school was cancelled, and when it was you were elated, but then you’d
go back to sleep and for me those times were the bestest sleeps ever. Plus I have the propencity to not be able to sleep in very
long on my days off. My planned worked beautifully as I went back to sleep at 7:30 and slept till after 10. I felt I should get
up and do something since it was my birthday, but it turned out there wasn’t alot to do. Everyone was at work, and to make matters worse, Karin was feeling really sick so she was a big pooper. We finally got out of the house around 1:30 and had some
delicious Thai food which was nice, but that was it. Dave took me out to a nice dinner at Stanford’s which was most superb. I
think the highlight of the dinner was when the waitress, who we had been jivin’ all night suddenly came to our table and asked
how long Dave and I had been dating. I knew she was joking, but honestly it was such a blindsided comment I had no witty retort
available. Even Dave was slow getting up from that knockout, he finally spewed out some verbal drivel and we tried to appear cool but it was no use. All in all it was a great dinner.

Afterwards I asked Dave if he would be willing to meet me online to play a little Halo2. He obliged and we for the most part cleaned up. Although there were some super annoying cheaters on that ruined the Stats for everyone. We almost ended the night on a sour note, but Dave said we couldn’t and I agreed so take a look at our last game “Team Slayer - 11/1/05 - 11:13PM - Ivory Tower” Go ahead and look at the detailed stats and see who cleaned up. That’s right WAVO baby, the bday boy.

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