If I had a Million Dollars…..

……I wouldn’t buy a llama or an emu. I think I would give it to Lynne.
I don’t know what good it would do, but I feel like she is one of the most
deserving people in the world. Lynne is one of my co-workers and she is fun and nice and she pretty much holds the whole
company together. Seriously she knows everything about everything, and she gets paid beans for it. But that’s not the only
reason why. Lynne is not a drama queen, but it seems like life has thrown some doozies (sp?). First off her husband has all
sorts of medical problems, something with the lining of his heart or the arteries around the heart are thin, and so he’s really
not in good health and could have even more major problems develop quickly. She has to constantly watch out for him, and hope
for the best, whatever that may be. The truly crazy story is about her son. 5 years ago her son (J) was at a party. The party had started to die down so people were falling asleep including J. While her son slept on the couch his “best friend” decided that J must die. The demented friend wrote out a note and everything. The friend walked over to J and promptly stabbed him in the neck, severing his carotid artery. Fortunately, there was one person still awake at the party and sober enough that put pressure on his neck, otherwise he would’ve bled to death in a very short time. They rushed him to the hospital and did surgery on him, while they were doing surgery on him, he had a blood clot travel up into his brain and basically he had a stroke. After that they decided they needed to release pressure on his brain so they cut out a good chunck of his cranium to let the brain “breathe” or something. While they were in there they noticed that part of the brain had died, so they cut that part out. To make matters even worse, when they finally decided to put the missing part of his head back on, they didn’t notice that his brain was still a little swollen, so it squished his brain a little causing him to have seizures. Luckily J lived through it all, but he has to take anti-seizure medication and the part of his brain they cut out was a chunck of his communication center. So he has a hard time conveying what he means. He can speak, but it’s in short words, like “cat out” would mean “can I let the cat out”. Sometimes he gets stuck in a loop where he’s trying to tell you he’s hungry but the only word that comes to his mind is tractor, or something like that. The “friend” got 7 years in prison, he should’ve gotten more, but b/c of the grand legal system they were able to cut his sentance in half b/c he was only trying to kill J instead of trying to hurt and kill him.

It stinks b/c all of this take such a toll on Lynne she really loves her son as any mother would, but you can tell she misses being able to talk with him like she used to. The neat thing is that he is still able to draw really well, so he draws crazy cool things to express his feelings, although most of the images are very dark. It’s all very sad, but yesterday was Lynne’s 50th birthday so we surprised her by kidnapping her and taking her to El Indio (my fav mexican place). It was an awesome time for such a wonderfully stong lady.

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