So my boss is an excessive TV freak, she watches tons of shows and feels the need to tell me and my co-worker every detail
about every one of them even if SHE (my boss) didn’t like the show! Her favorite show, even above Lost is The Amazing Race. She likes it so much that she’s going to tryout for it the next time they’re looking for people…..hehe. Anyways, I get a lot of joy out of making fun of The Amazing Race, since I really don’t think it’s all that amazing. Co-worker K and I were trying to think of some new names that were more fitting for The Amazing Race. Here’s some of what we came up with (you can join in the fun!):

The Pretty Good Race

The *YAWN* Race

The I’ve Had Better Race

The It’s Really Not a Race Race

The Mediocre Race

The Take It or Leave It Race

The Needs More Explosions Race

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