Dreamin’ O You Xbox 360

So I’m not sure if the dream I had last night was inspired by the new controller for the Nintendo Revolution coming out next year, but it was whacked! In the dream I couldn’t decide whether to go to Fry’s to wait in line like I did 4 years ago for the Xbox, or to just go to the local Fred Meyer and get it there since even though I waited in line all night 4 years ago, they had Xboxs at our local Freddies! So in the dream we (my buds and me) opted for the Fred Meyer route, sure enough there was line waiting for the Xboxes. Fortunately we got there in time as there was only a few spots were left. The funny thing was that at the beginning of the line there were two radio personalities, Daria O’ Neil and some other chick, and they were having a competition for anyone that could draw them the most accurate in 5 seconds would get to go first for getting an Xbox 360! Amazingly I was the one that got to go first! They said that I captured the other radio jock’s frizzy hair the best. Yes! Anyways I got the Xbox 360 and immediately cracked it open out in the parking lot. The crazy thing was, that even though it was supposed to look like this it actually looked more like a glorified Super Nintendo . The Xbox came with one game, a racing game, that was to be literally played on the Xbox, I’m talking about on top of the console. This race track folded out into a slot car racetrack, complete with a big figure 8 and a couple of loops. Nice~ but not what I expected or wanted. I somehow played with the slot car racetrack for a few minutes in the parking lot, until it started to rain, then I packaged everthing up and woke up. I hope it doesn’t turn out like that.

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